Kyriaki Thermos, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology

University of Crete

Faculty of Medicine




Research Interests

The main research interest of my group focuses on the role of the neuropeptide somatostatin and most recently on the role of other pharmacological agents (cannabinoids, neurosteroids) in retinal circuitry and as therapeutic targets in the treatment of ischemia induced retinopathies.

Specific Research Objectives

†††††††† Functional mapping of somatostatin receptor subtypes (sst1-sst5) in retina, and the involvement of somatostatin in the regulation of other retinal neuromodulators (dopamine and nitric oxide (NO), cannabinoids).

†††††††† Development of animal models of retinopathies (ex vivo chemical ischemia, in vivo AMPA and NMDA excitotoxicity and Streptozotocin (STZ)-model of diabetic retinopathy).

†††††††† Mechanisms involved in ischemia induced retinal neurodegeneration and in the neuroprotective effects of the putative therapeutic targets somatostatin, cannabinoids and neurosteroids.


†Recent Publications

1.      Kokona, D., Charalampopoulos, I., Pediaditakis, I., Gravanis, A., Thermos, K. The neurosteroid dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) protects the retina from AMPA induced excitotoxicity: NGF TrkA receptor involvement. Neuropharmacology 62:2106-2117, 2012.†

2.                Thermos, K.† Somatostatin and neuroprotection in the retina. In Hormones in Neurodegeneration, Neuroprotection and Neurogenesis. Wiley-Blackwell,† pp205-227, 2011

3.      Papadaki, T., Tsilimbaris, M., Pallikaris, I., Thermos, K. Somatostatin receptor activation (sst1-sst5) differentially influences human retinal pigment epithelium cell viability. Acta Ophthalmology† 88:e228-33, 2010

4.      Kiagiadaki F, Savvaki M, Thermos K. Activation of somatostatin receptor (sst5) protects the rat retina from AMPA-induced neurotoxicity. Neuropharmacology† 58:297-303, 2010

5.      Vasilaki, A. and Thermos, K. Somatostatin analogues as therapeutics in retinal disease. Pharmacology and† Therapeutics†† 122:324-333, 2009

6.      Kiagadaki, F.† and Thermos, K . Intravitreal administration of somatostatin and sst2 analogs protect the rat retina from AMPA-induced neurotoxicity. Investigative Ophthalmology Visual Science 49:3080-3089, 2008

7.      Mastrodimou, N., Kiagiadaki, F., Thermos, K .† The role of nitric oxide and cGMP in somatostatinís protection of retinal ischemia. Investigative Ophthalmology Visual Science 49: 342-249, 2008

8.      Thermos K. Novel signals mediating the functions of somatostatin: the emerging role of NO/cGMP. Molecular Cell Endocrinology 286: 49-57, 2008