Efthimios M. C. Skoulakis, PhD

Group Leader, Associate Investigator

Institute of Cellular and Developmental Biology

BSRC Alexander Fleming

Email:   skoulakis@fleming.gr




1.      Pavlopoulos, E., Anezaki, M. and Skoulakis, E. M. C. (2008)  “Neuralized is expressed in the α/β lobes of adult Drosophila Mushroom Bodies and facilitates olfactory Long-Term Memory formation”. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 105(38):14674-9.

2.      Moressis, A., Friedrich, A. R., Pavlopoulos E., Davis, R. L. and  E. M.C. Skoulakis. (2009) “A dual role for the adaptor protein DRK in Drosophila olfactory learning and memory.” J. Neurosci. 29:2611-2625.

3.      Kosmidis, S., Grammenoudi, S. Papanikolopoulou, K. and Skoulakis, E. M. C (2010).  “Differential effects of Tau on the integrity and function of neurons essential for learning in Drosophila”. J. Neurosci.  30(2): 464-477.

4.      Franco MI, Turin L, Mershin A, Skoulakis E.M.C. (2011). “Molecular vibration-sensing component in Drosophila melanogaster olfaction.” Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.  108(9) :3797-802.

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